Full Service Air Machine Provider in Utah

Air Stop is a full service Air Machine Provider

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  • 50 Cents for 8 minutes: Because your Customers should feel that they’re getting the most out of their money
  • Using state-of-the-art technology; we’ve managed to integrate maximum efficiency and compact dimensions (previously deemed problematic) resulting in a motor ideal for limited dimensions, yet capable of accommodating a (90 PSI, ¾ HP oil-less) GAST air Compressor.
  • We provide MATCHLESS commissions by offering our side-by-side comparisons against our competitors, ultimately giving you the best profit possible!
  • 24-hour service guaranteed throughout the Wasatch Front!
  • *48-hour service guarantee for Cities and/or Towns over 100 miles from the Salt Lake Valley.
  • We cover EVERYTHING! From installations to replacement parts; you’ll never have to pay any out of pocket expenses!
  • Reinforced steel housing provides two different mounting options; pedestal-mount and wall-mount.

                                                         *(requires 110 VAC 10 Amps to operate)


We have rapidly expanding in this area of business for over 20 years, having redefined both the method AND meaning of world class customer service.

Any questions please call me!  My cell 801-349-6738   or   toll free at 800-790-0451


Head of Sales, Management & Operations:


   -Randy L. Cromar


Air Stop is a full service Air Machine Provider, based in Salt Lake City, Utah with service representatives all over the state. We have been in business for Twenty Eight years.

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